Baby Friendly Hotel

Baby Pack

The Koh-I Nor Hotel has made all arrangements to ensure that all its guests are completely satisfied and have everything they need. It offers specific arrangements for families with young children for example.

Whether it's the catering, furniture, or relaxation, the little ones have what they need and are pampered as much as their parents.

For parents who wish to travel lightly and would like the hotel to have everything for their child's comfort...

In the rooms, we offer:

  • baby cot, baby sleeping bag
  • bathing tub or support depending on the child's age
  • bath thermometer
  • changing mat
  • bottle warmer
  • potty or toilet trainer

Available at the reception desk: snow pram

Meal menu

To fill your little angels with joy, the Koh-I Nor Hotel has put together a meal menu specifically for them.

With a selection of food products appropriate for children in particular (meat, fish, vegetables and starchy foods) parents can prepare the ideal meal for the little ones: in pieces, blended or as a soup, depending on the child's age.

Potential allergies and specific diets are also taken into consideration. The variety and the quality of a completely personalised meal... prepared upon request.