Child-Friendly Hotel

Restaurant menu

The Koh-I Nor Hotel is sensitive to what your 3- to 12-years old children require. It offers a restaurant menu just for their needs at their age.

Children become demanding here and want to take advantage of everything, just like adults, but in a completely laid-back way. Our chef has conjured up recipes just for them, a combination of nutrition and pleasure. A smart mix of food that children love and their dietary requirements.

Bar menu

The Koh-I Nor Hotel has also created a drink menu just for your children between 3 and 12 years of age. This menu offers a sampling of various flavours with their favourite drinks.

Young skier snack

For those mid-afternoon cravings, the hotel has everything you need. You are most welcome to try our small skier snack. A magical platter abounding with pastries, hot and cold drinks, dairy products, fruit, sweets...

An ideal treat after a sporty day that will energize you before you embark on new adventures, up through the very end of the day.


After an intense day in the heart of Val Thorens and the 3 Vallées, a short break is in order. The Koh-I Nor Hotel offers the opportunity to lose themselves in the expert hands of our beauticians, to relax and calm their entire body. Discover 30 to 50 minutes of care with "little skier break" or "young skier of the hight summit".

Discover Spa-Children’s Care